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Welcome Retailers to the K9-Power Direct Distribution Connection featuring the Animal Natural's ReNature line of canine supplements. We look forward to the opportunity to deliver a first class product, with commensurate service, while allowing healthy margins for you the wholesaler.

About Animals Naturals

Animal Naturals has been producing the highest quality canine supplements for 20 years. The company uses only the highest quality ingredients and is made here in the USA. Animal Naturals is currently petitioning for its NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) Certification, and expects to receive it in early 2014. The product line includes specialized products that address, for example, skin and coat, nutrition, performance, digestion, longevity, and have been used by the most discerning dog enthusiasts for years. The founder of Animal Naturals, Bob Fritz, has a long history in nutritional innovation. Bob has been involved in human nutrition since the early 80's and has a long list of products he created, including CytoMax, Caveman Diet and Muscle Milk!, before turning his focus to pet nutrition.

About K9 Power

K9-Power has had a close working relationship with Bob Fritz of Animal Naturals, Inc. for the past two decades. That relationship has been a significant part of our success and afforded us the opportunity to build our service oriented distributorship. We have played a collaborative role in the product development of Animal Naturals, and as a result, have a deep knowledge of the product line. We are very excited to team up with Bob and execute a plan to continue to grow this differentiated product line. We are now looking for retail partners that appreciate the product quality of Animal Naturals and the distribution and product support of K9-Power, to participate in this growth.

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